Welcome to the
NY Institute of
Systemic Constellations!


Fall/Winter 2023-2024


The Sheen Center

18 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012 – Studio A  

(entrance: from Elizabeth Street)



Family and Business Constellation – in-person group workshops 


Saturday,  September 30,  10 am – 6 pm

  Saturday,  October 28,  10 am – 6 pm

 Saturday,  November 11,  10 am – 6 pm

 Saturday,  November 25,  10 am – 6 pm




Family  Constellation – online group sessions


Thursday,  September 28,  6 pm – 9 pm

  Thursday,  October 26,  6 pm – 9 pm

Thursday,  November 9,  6 pm – 9 pm

Thursday,  November 30,  6 pm – 9 pm


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    Family Constellations

    Family constellations look at any emotional, situational, financial, health-related, or relationship issue within a systemic framework. This systemic context might include our extended family over several generations (e.g. transgenerational trauma), our significant communities in the present and over history (e.g. collective trauma), various different aspects of our life (work, money, success, etc.) but also our internal systems of personality parts.

    Working in a systemic context might open our vision to a whole new world of hidden connections and subtle influences. 

    Facilitator Training

    This is a comprehensive training program providing the participants with detailed instruction in the theory, practice, and methodology of Systemic Constellation work.

    It is an open enrollment program allowing students to start the program at any point in time and complete each module at their own pace and convenience. 

    Gaining a deeper understanding of systemic thinking might be a life changing experience for anyone – but it is a ‘must’ for professionals who work with the human psyche, with human relationships and with human communities.


    Business Constellations

    Systemic Business Constellations is a coaching method used for executive coaching, organizational development, leadership consultation, conflict resolution,
    organizational restructuring, innovation management, change management,
    financial planning etc. in an organizational or corporate environment. 

    A business constellation helps solve business related issues by spatially representing employees, managers, owners, departments, products, locations, customers, competitors, governmental authorities, as well as abstract concepts (goals, resources, profit, work-life balance etc.).

    Dr. Anna is a really unique and charismatic personality. I am a professional myself, and I've never seen a therapist so knowledgeable and skillful in so many different techniques. Her sense of intuition is beyond comparison, and her sense of humor makes you always forget that you are dealing with the most painful issues of your life.

    Watching her work is like looking at an eagle and thinking that flying is easy!

    Anna is the best family constellations therapist I know. She is so funny and so down to earth, Yet, when she starts working she is like a wizard.

    She perceives things that nobody else does, She is like Lt. Colombo or detective Monk! 🙂

    Having met Dr. Anna is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I had been in therapy for over a decade with various counselors, but now I know the difference between a therapist and a Therapist.
    She is warm, compassionate and creative, no two sessions are the same. (...) She is always goal-oriented, makes sure that results are really happening, and explains everything so clearly that even I understand it. (...) She is always funny, down to earth, and real. I never laughed so much in a therapy session before!