Family Constellations

group workshops

Systemic Family Constellation Therapy is primarily a group technique.

Groups are formed for one workshop (1 or 2 days), there is no need for longer-term commitment.

Clients are welcome to work on any personal, relationship, career, or business related issue or problem with the help of the group and the therapist.

Anxiety, depression, relationship issues, addictions, self-sabotaging patterns, lack of motivation, feeling stuck in life or career, difficult life choices, business related issues etc. are just a few of the most common problems clients work on in their constellations. 

Initially, the client is asked to describe his or her issue in a few sentences. The therapist helps the client reframe the problem in a systemic context and identify the most relevant systemic elements.

Representatives are chosen for each element and asked to move around in space based on what is called representative perception: sensing emotional information about persons, situations, events etc. within an intricate network of complex systemic relationships.

The first part of a constellation is looking to clarify the problem areas and discover tensions and conflicts between various elements of the system.

The second part is focusing on gaining new insights, accepting new truths, learning new emotions, and moving toward solutions.

Not all problems can find a final resolution within one single session. Change and growth often happens over time.

It is also possible – and much recommended – to participate only as an observer or representative.

The emotional information representatives pick up in a constellation often seems highly relevant and meaningful to them. Their experiences often lead to important discoveries about their own personal issues.

Both ways of participating can lead to profound experiences and insights.

I am Jewish, and never before have I felt so close to my family and my people - many of whom died in concentration camps - than in Anna's workshop.

I am still speechless, ... it was an unbelievable experience! How is all this possible?

And never before have I realized how closely related my life long struggles with anxiety and depression were to my family's past! This could be really scary if it wasn't so heart warming and beautiful.

What an incredible journey! A life changing experience, really. Thank you so much!

I grew up as an only child but in my last constellation it seemed that I might have a brother whom I never heard about. I thought this was really crazy but I asked my parents, and it turns out that three years before I was born they had a son who lived only for a few weeks! They never told me about him, I never knew I had a brother! I never knew, yet it seems that somehow I did, because in my constellation he was suddenly there!

And what is even crazier is that since this session I never had another drink! I just don't need it anymore. This is big! Thank you!

I am so happy I've found Dr. Anna in NYC! Coming from Europe, I am really surprised how difficult it is to find a family constellation workshop in New York. However, coming from Germany, I am also surprised that some of my best constellations experiences have actually happened here in Anna's workshops! 

She is so sensitive and so intuitive! Also, she seems to be mixing her expertise in clinical psychology with the techniques of constellation therapy, and what comes out seems often nothing short of a miracle.