ONLINE constellations

ONLINE individual sessions


An online family constellation is very similar to an in-person group workshop.

We start by clarifying the issue the client wants to work on and the goals s/he is aiming to achieve with the help of the constellation. Then, together we try to identify the most relevant elements of various internal and external systems that the problem seems to be a part of.

From here on, we can work with a number of different techniques, e.g. the In-the-Mind’s-Eye technique, or various different props (sheets of paper, figures, chairs, pillows, etc.) to represent persons, emotions, parts of our personality, situations, abstract concepts, etc.

The most intense and immersive way of working online is by using a special online graphic software that offers the full visual and interactive experience of a real-life group constellation.

We choose visual avatars – representatives – for the identified elements and place them into the virtual field of the online graphic software.

These virtual representatives can then be moved around in the virtual field in exactly the same way as real persons/representatives would be moving in the real field of an in-person constellation.

The only difference is that in an individual online constellation the client and the therapist are feeling into all the representatives – whereas in a live constellation it would be real-life persons taking up and feeling into the different roles. 

Online individual sessions are scheduled within my private practice and last ca. 2 hours. 


An online group constellation is the exact equivalent of an in-person group workshop – only in the virtual space

And the technique is the exact equivalent of an online individual session (see: above) – only each virtual avatar/representative in the virtual field is controlled by a real-life person via their mouse/touchpad.

In other words, an online group constellation is a group event with a whole group of real-life participants  just like a group meeting on Zoom:

          – online individual constellation: client + therapist

          – online group constellation: a whole group + therapist

Having become immensely popular in the years of the pandemic, there seems to be an ever increasing demand for this online form of group constellations.

Online group workshops are scheduled for weekday evenings and last for 3 hours.

I could never have imagined a world where constellation sessions run online, … but then, I could never have imagined a world in lockdown either. Anna’s online groups gave me the lifeline I needed in these crazy times, and they turned a global crisis into a years-long period of the most profound healing for me. Thank you, Anna! I have no words for my gratitude.

I’ve been trying to join a constellation group for years but there is none here where I live. I still don’t quite understand how this whole technique works, or how it is possible that it works online. I only see what can transpire in a constellation session and, frankly, it blows my mind. It has changed my life!  

Thank you, Dr. Anna, today’s session was truly remarkable. I’m totally hopeless with computers, and have a severe case of Zoom-fatigue anyway, but I’m still a little zoned out by everything that happened in my session today. I’ve done a few individual constellations before, but nothing has ever come close to this one. And thank you for your incredible insights and intuitions, I feel I’ve done a whole year of therapy in this one session.