to our Facilitator Training!

This is a comprehensive training program providing students with detailed instruction in the theory, practice, and methodology of Systemic Constellation work.

It is an open enrollment program allowing students to start the program at any point in time and complete each module at their own pace and convenience.  


This training is FOR YOU ...


– if you wish to gain some deeper insights into the nature of your personal, relationship, business and health-related issues; 

– if you are in therapy/counseling and wish to expedite or intensify the process of change and healing;

– if you are in therapy/counseling but certain issues in the process seem to defy all therapeutic effort;

– if you feel stuck in some areas of your life but hesitate to commit to counseling or coaching;

– if you are new to self-development and wish to receive a strong impetus to take charge of your life;

– if you wish to have a comprehensive training in Systemic Family Constellations and Organizational Constellations;

 – if you are a professional therapist, couselor or coach and wish to learn new theoretical perspectives and new skills that you can integrate into your work.


This training is NOT for you ...


– if you suffer from any severe psychiatric disorder;

– if you are looking to replace professional medical or mental health treatment for any severe condition you might have;

– if you wish to enter the helping/healing professions without appropriate credentials, training, skills and experience.

Curriculum - Thematic Modules

Mandatory Modules

Theoretical Foundations – Part 1: The Classic Approach

Theoretical Foundations – Part 2: The Basic Methodology of a Family Constellation

Theoretical Foundations – Part 3: Systemic Thinking  Family Therapies – Research

Personality Parts & Internal Team – Part 1

Personality Parts & Internal Team – Part 2

The Body: Symptoms  Diseases  Psychosomatics 

Trauma – Transgenerational Trauma – Collective Trauma

Victims & Perpetrators: Abuse  Crime  War  Holocaust  Slavery 

Spiritual Constellations – Part 1: Ego & Self

Spiritual Constellations – Part 2: Jungian ‘Shadow’ Work

OrganizationalBusinessCorporateLeadership Constellations

Relationship Dynamics – Part 1

Relationship Dynamics – Part 2

Systemic Structural Constellations – Part 1

Systemic Structural Constellations – Part 2

Optional Modules


Death  Loss  Grief

Individual Constellations

Online Constellations

Working with Children

Political & Intercultural Constellations

Spiritual Constellations – Part 3

Personality Parts & Internal Team – Part 3

Personality Parts & Internal Team – Part 4

Systemic Structural Constellations – Part 3

Systemic Structural Constellations – Part 4

Introduction to Psychopathology

Introduction to Psychodynamics

Introduction to Group Dynamics

 Introduction to Family Dynamics

Structure of the training

Ways of participation

Dr. Anna is a wonderful teacher. Her theoretical knowledge and clinical experience are really impressive. In her workshops I thought she was only super intuitive. But it turns out she is super smart, too!

Anna’s ability to use metaphors and analogies to explain even the most complex concepts is remarkable. Her way of speaking in metaphors is an art form in itself, and not only the highest level of education but also pure entertainment.

She is funny, creative, and can turn everything into something humorous! A great teacher indeed!

I’ve been participating in family constellations for years, but I’ve never comprehended this strange yet awesome technique. Anna has the rare abiliy to break it down for you and take you through it step by step.

Also, she can translate everything into the technical terms of main stream psychology which immediately makes things seem so easy and obvious.