Dr. Anna Fekete (PhD) is one of the leading systemic family constellations therapists in the US, and the founder and director of the New York Institute of Systemic Constellations.

She is a European-trained clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, couples/relationship therpaist, systemic constellations therapist and business coach living and working in New York City.

A former Supervisor of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Therapy at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s & Mount Sinai West Hospitals (NYC), she now runs a successful private practice in Manhattan.

She started her career as a classical musician and has extensive training and professional experience also in music, dance, the creative arts, and in various body-mind techniques (yoga, shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, martial arts, meditation, various different trance techniques, etc.).

In her career, she has achieved a unique integration of the sensitivity of a therapist, the creativity of an artist, the academic knowledge of a scholar, the relentless truthfulness of a researcher, the step-by-step methodology of a teacher, … and the sense of humor of a person who finds it really difficult to take herself too seriously! 🙂

She has worked with the whole spectrum of psychological and psychiatric disorders both in clinical/institutional and in private settings, specifically in psychiatry, substance abuse treatment, and neuropsychological rehabilitation.

In her private practice, she has helped clients of all ages, genders, religions, social and educational backgrounds, and – having a large international clientele – she is a well-established online coach and psychotherapist, too.

She has been a clinical supervisor for clin. psychologists, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, and creative arts therapists both in Europe and the US for over twenty years.

She also has worked in organizational settings both for large corporations (e.g. Audi, Pepsi Cola etc.) and small companies, and has been a successful executive coach, trainer and workshop leader for three decades.

She has taught at several universities and created the curriculum for three new graduate training programs in music therapy and creative arts therapy.

For the last two decades, she has also been a well-known journalist in her native Hungary – famous for her deep and creative understanding of the human condition, for the wide spectrum of her psychological knowledge, for her profound therapeutic experience, and for her uniquely humorous and original writing style.


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