Systemic Business Constellations

Systemic Business Constellations – or Organizational Constellations – is a coaching method used by executive coaches for organizational development, leadership consultation, conflict resolution, organizational restructuring, innovation management, change management, financial planning etc. in an organizational or corporate environment.

Business Constellations is based in systemic thinking, and the technique is a direct development of Bert Hellinger’s work with Systemic Family Constellations.

A business constellation helps solve difficult issues by spatially displaying an organization with the help of participants representing a number of different elements of an organization.

Representatives can stand for employees, managers, owners, departments, products, customers, market competitors, governmental authorities, as well as for abstract concepts (e.g. goals, resources, profit) etc.

Representatives are free to move around, sense positioned spatially so as to make underlying structures and relational patterns accessible and visible.

In the course of a business constellation, representatives tend to become aware of previously unavailable information. With their help, relational patterns between structural units, outcome results of processes, attitudes of people, underlying entanglements within the organization etc. can be brought to light.

By working with representatives, various hypotheses can be explored, and different solutions or decisions can be tested.

Subsequently, clients and other participants can process their newly gained insights in a verbal discussion.

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